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Nov 28, 2012 8:14PM
I see a pattern here,   the same people have written the same basic comments about Hawaii on every one of the places shown  in the above 11 Resorts.. I've been to Maui, in 2008.. I loved it.. even with the heat.. in the 90's most days,  go and enjoy it.. it's a trip of your lifetime.. we did fly over to Honolulu for almost a full day of sightseeing,saw Pearl Harbor, toured the huge Missouri , took off off on a day trip to see many lovely sights, We did take a day tip to see Hana, along with the rain forest,  on and on .. saw the lava flows, wild flowers, on and on and on.. I would go again in a heartbeat.  OHHH  huge treat we saw the black beaches also we did the Laua thing as well on Sunday night... Georgia.. South Arkansas USA.
Nov 28, 2012 4:08PM
I guess Hawaiians aren't so bad, but are there any negros in Hawaii?
Nov 28, 2012 3:57PM

Take a look at Makena Surf, Maui.  Gated Condominium Property, Security, Swimming pools, Wedding Beaches on both ends of the property, get the best snorkeling possible at "Turtle Town" and you don't have to pay the "Guided Fee" to swim where the Guides all take their clientele to snorkel.  A remote feeling compared to Kaanapali. 


Four "swank" hotels and restaurants within athletic walking distance: Fairmont-Kea Lame (Listed as top 11), Prince ( best buffet breakfast; kids love to feed the very large Koi by hand, deer herds at night on the South side), Four Seasons, (great who's who and Paparazzi at the beach) and Grand Wailea (with an adjacent open mall).  Walkway in front of these hotels.  Famous Skins Game across the street from "the Condo's".

Breaching whales during the calving season, listen to the Humpback whales talking while snorkeling.




Nov 28, 2012 3:37PM
Don't miss Haleakala at sunrise and Kula Lodge on way down the mountain. Lahina, and the road to Hana. Embassy Suites lovely with big Koi Fish and great included breakfast buffet. Airport Beach great for snorkling and hit Mamas on way home. We had free airfare so entire trip cost around 5k (including shopping). Does not have to cost a fortune....
Nov 28, 2012 2:51PM
Hawaii is a "rip off".  Unfortunately we have been there many times, but no more.  Head to Central America.  In Hawaii the locals do not like you being there, even the cops.  They want your money and any thing you can bring that they can steal, but then they do not want you there.  Locals look for opportunities to steal from you. They do not like to work and make good excuses for it "Hawaii time". I know several people that have traveled to Hawaii and all have had items stolen from them.  So if you want to spend too much for amenities and have your valuables stolen then head for Hawaii, they love your money and valuables. 
Nov 28, 2012 2:45PM
Was fortunate enough to be stationed in Hawaii and loved it, back then as well as well  now, probably to expensive.  The weather there was fantastic all year round.  Long for those days again, but to old and probably never will get back.
Nov 28, 2012 2:14PM

BYOM? Bring your own mattress?


Before I stay anywhere, I'd like to know there won't be bedbugs and cockroaches staying with me (the little salamanders are fine).


I've been to Hawaii and it is beautiful, but it can also be horrible. I had a bedroom full of mosquitoes after a rain storm. The biggest cockroach I have ever seen escaped from the van as I got off at the lodging.


These are acknowledged problems in some places and for the price....

Nov 28, 2012 2:12PM

Well, in my mind Hawaii is not about these super luxury resorts where you're basically captive to one property and all the extra charges they can throw on the bill. I prefer wandering around, going to different beaches and scenic attractions and not being confined to one place. After a day or two you become bored and realize your paying $400-500 a night to sleep. Before I did any of that I'd pick up a ticket to Thailand, the Philippines or Costa Rica and have twice the fun at a third of the price.  The service is probably better, the seafood fresher and the resorts are a bit rustic that blend in with the local designs and traditions. I've traveled extensively to these places and find them much less restrictive and way more entertaining if you

catch my drift.

Nov 28, 2012 2:03PM

A guy told me he paid $26 for bacon and eggs out there for breakfast. Well, before I'd do that; I'd find a cheaper hotel, eat at the locat places and spend my time touring the scenery and on one of the fine free


Nov 28, 2012 2:02PM

Honeymooned here in 1993 and it was fabulous.  There is a pathway that leads down to the beach to a great little inlet for snorkeling, etc.  For a romantic place to stay away from all the shopping and hub-bub of some of the other areas in Hawaii, this was top notch!  There are only 2 resorts on the whole island and plenty of sight seeing and LOTS of privacy.  At least, back then there was!! 


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