Most luxurious business-class cabins

Taking care of business at 35,000 feet is no easy feat — unless you're flying in one of these ultra-plush business class cabins. We had business-travel road warriors and big shots tell us what they think are the poshest, cushiest cabins in the air.

Text by Chaney Kwak

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Dec 6, 2012 3:25PM
DELTA made the list?
How could you possibly not name Air Emerites first class cabins?  It's a room in itself.  Take a second look.
Dec 6, 2012 10:26AM
This is what it has become - in general U. S. airline companies are just trash haulers.  Their service stinks and you get packed in like cattle.  Their favorite line is, "Please take you seats.  We have a very crowded flight today(probably overbooked), and we want to stay on schedule."  This is a sad commentary.  I avoid almost all U. S. flights unless I have no choice.
Dec 6, 2012 8:32AM

Ha  Ha  Ha,  Listen up this >>>>>Go fly Air India and you will get BEST OF THE REST <<<<<.  Flew from  Amritsar (India) for New York on Air-India with one stop in Kuwait, it is hot there you can see through window every thing is moving like you are standing on sand of Sahara desert. Now here you come to know we all have to pay additional money (every one of us) because they have to fill up and need cash since they don't have credit account with Kuwaitians any more. It won't matter if you have kids flying with you or you are flying with no cash. Please don't cry on spilled milk.






Dec 6, 2012 1:54AM
Flying on most domestic airlines is reminiscent of when I was 18 years old and in marine boot camp at Parris Island. When they moved a series of Platoons across the base they packed you into what we referred to as cattle cars where each recruit was packed like a side of beef next to the recruit next to them. Economy flights on United are just like that. If I have a choice between United, American or Southwest I will take Southwest. It has a little room in each row and at least you are not paying high fares for a high level of discomfort. If I have a choice of spending 6 hours door to door going to airport, thru security, riding in discomfort and then dealing with baggage claim and rental car delays I will drive the extra few hours in the comfort of my own vehicle. I can listen to my own tunes, use my phone to be productive and if someone is riding with me they can pop in a movie or two of their choice. Old fashioned, yes. But if it is a 9 hour drive I will drive it vs. dealing with the discomfort of air travel. In the 80's air travel was reasonably comfortable and had a lot less hassle. Now it is just a PITA.. O'Hara Airport takes me almost three hours to drive to, park car, ride tram from economy lot, check in with baggage, and an hour or less to wait to get on plane and then wait 15 minutes to hours to get in air. If I am flying a 5 hour flight I will probably fly but flights that are 4 hours or less I am more apt to drive my car be it a convertible or an A4. Simply in many cases I will drive verses being the monkey in the middle in economy or even business economy.
Dec 6, 2012 1:22AM
I totally agree with you Skialta 14. Last month in the Register or Times there was an article describing how the airlines charge more for  "Coach-Plus"" that is only 6 more inches of space. They described how they have taken stuffing from the seats to make them smaller so they can have more rows an make more money. They said that they want  all the seats to be 17 inches wide. Actually the airplanes have become a can of sardines Last July I had my first domestic fly on UNITED  airlines from Ca. to Spokane, Wa. I was so shocked for the lack of space and more so to see how RUTHLESS and THOUGHTLESS the United airlines employees are on the ground. United must never check the QUALITY of the services they offer. I have flown numerous times internationally so I know now there is better service and more comfortable aircraft then. I never want to fly on United airlines. Do we have a choice ? I hope an airline will offer good comfortable aircrafts and good service even if it is a little more expensive I bet it will be very very successful
Dec 6, 2012 12:59AM
I'll defiantly have to try this sometime for an all out vacation!!! :D
Dec 6, 2012 12:50AM
just Arabian Emirates for high-class peope. Second, mostly in Europe Austrian airlines. not bad. Cultural and pretty service.
Dec 6, 2012 12:28AM
where is Swiss on this list?  One of the best biz seats in the world.  FAs are usually great and the food id pretty good too. It's most definitely ahead of Delta, Air Canada, and AIr France.
Dec 5, 2012 11:47PM
i know most of you cant afford to buy you  own jet,,  but i had to, i cant stand to fly  with  total strangers, i fly back and forth to my  farm in munich germany, and i  like to sleep naked lol and i dont think that  on a international flight the passengers would appreciate it lol and so far it has paid for it self with time saved and privacy and yes it  isnt a new plane it is a  old boeing 727, and it makes my life easier, and  i dont lease it out or charter it out, when i get to germany it stays in a heated hanger this time of year, worth it?  yes it is, i eat what i w ant  watch tv  on satalite, and have a shower and a nice bed  , bragging no, but  if you  want you can chater a private jet, is a lot more expensive but well worth it in time saved and  privacy, and? if you charter a nice  jet it will have a bedroom in the back and you too can sleep naked lol and moon the  dutch,and the french
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