10 safest places to visit in Mexico now

News of violence in Mexico has frightened many visitors away in recent years. But smart travelers know that there are hundreds of places in Mexico, a country roughly the size of Western Europe, that have been untouched by recent events. The following 10 places are just a tiny sampling of the many of beaches, cities and towns in Mexico for which no safety advisory is in effect.

Text by Katherina Audley | Photo editing by Josie Gawlowski

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Aug 15, 2014 10:59AM
There are many safe areas in Mexico. No place is 100% crime free of course. But many places are remarkably safe. Mexico City is actually safer Than  Washington DC when comparing murder rates.
Apr 29, 2014 10:03PM
To be honest, Monterrey, N.L. is such a beautiful place to visit, is in the north of Mexico, but not really in the border with USA, that's like 3 hours driving, is a really big city with tons of amazing places to visit! 
Watch this video, i live here and this city is amazing! 

Mar 19, 2014 11:29PM
If your in the military which has Naval & Marine Corps bases next door, San Diego, Coronado, Imperial beach to the TJ border you have a chance of getting by the Mexican Police because you are US government issue-GI. If your a civilian & should get into trouble you might as well get a lawyer or pay their bribe. In cost depends on how much money is in your pockets. They love US cash. Half the Mexican economy is drugs, weapons, & smuggling anything that can sell in the USA including Humans. The USA just should annex Mexico & make it a US territory. Then divide Mexico into states. Agriculture would be the bigger asset even the weed. We wouldn't need anything veggies from S America or Central. Mexico is rich, rich rich in land of minerals and all. Shame, Mexico could easily out do Canada's economy. The United States of Mexico/America!  We already took land away from Mexico, take the rest without a war. 
May 5, 2013 2:19PM
This article brought to you by the Mexican Tourism Board.
Apr 26, 2013 10:35PM
I have a vacation home near Zijuatanejo and have driven the 1400 miles from / to Texas ten times without any serious incident. I have been stopped by police six times and always  paid the fines on the spot rather than pay at the courthouse - cheaper and quicker. Each time I was ticketed, I did break some traffic regulation, talking on a cell phone, driving without a seat belt, exceeding  the speed limit, towing a trailer on a no-trailer road. All these "violations" were like your typical US speed traps and as hard as I try, it is almost impossible not to get nailed in a well designed trap. The fines range from 100 to 500 pesos ($8 to $40). At first, I got really upset by the police practice, but now  just consider it a part of the cost of travel and by paying really careful attention to all the constantly changing speed limits I avoided any fines on our last trip. It is expensive to drive these days. I figure our 10 trips over the past six years have cost us about $1400 in fuel, $1500 in food and lodging, $1200 in tolls. The $200 for traffic stops is annoying, but really a minor part of our expense. Here are my tips for dealing with the driving in Mexico: pay attention to the regulated speed; follow the same safety rules as in the US; and learn Mexican customs like moving over to share the road with passing vehicles, both overtaking and oncoming. Don't carry all your money in your wallet. Drive on the toll roads. Garmin GPS has Mexican roads and points of interest that are amazingly up to date but watch out for one way streets because Garmin doesn't have correct street direction data loaded. Drive in the day time. For overnight stays, choose a hotel with a parking garage (estasionamente). Don't get in an accident because everyone involved (offender and victim) gets arrested when the police arrive. I love to visit colonial towns and get off the beaten track from time to time, but avoid the major cities and get through the border towns in the morning, mid week. People in Mexico are generous and friendly. You will have more success if you are friendly, courteous and use some spanish.  Chances are if you have a flat tire, a Mexican motorist or a "Green Angel" will stop to help you change it. They won't expect anything, but will get pleasure in being able to help you. But you will want to offer them 100 pesos anyway. (The average Mexican day laborer makes about 200 pesos per day so you can tip accordingly.) Make sure you have a reliable car with all necessary documentation and insurance. Keep your tank above a quarter full. Watch out for the 'topes' (speed bumps, often unmarked in every small town). A Mexican road trip can be a safe and rewarding adventure with a bit of preparation and care.
Apr 26, 2013 5:23PM
Glad you didn't include puerto Vallarta.

Link below is about an American that was kidnapped and held for ransom there.

Apr 24, 2013 10:30PM
you are entitled to your thoughts.......next time you visit mexico.....go to juarez, reynosa or better yet why don't you take a one month road trip........
Apr 21, 2013 5:51PM

Who needs the hassle. I would feel safer in downtown Lebanon before going to Mexico.

Close the border and send them back.

Apr 20, 2013 7:22PM
I've been catching up with Mexican friends recently on how they see the situation. The universal response is don't go,we dare not even go and visit our relatives. They are scared of being kidnapped and advise me of the same risk.
I like Mexico and feel very badly for the people who are being badly abused by the narco's. There have been large problems in Mexican society for many years. 85% of the wealth is held by 15% of the population.
Mexico needs a stable bribe free government. One that uses the countries wonderful natural resources to benefit the majority of the citizens. Building up a stable middle class and having justice on the streets is the way to eradicate the trafficking. You can't impose a system from the top unless you are willing to be more ruthless than the narco's themselves.

Apr 16, 2013 11:26AM
There is no safe place in Mexico.  The Mexican Police won't protect you, but will rob you instead.  They make  trumped up charges threatening tourist,  American military soilders & sailors with a fine. You pay on the spot or they will scare you with jail. It is usually at least 2 policemen that do this sort of thing. You are in their jurisdiction & they make sure you know it. I was a victim two times & witnessed this sort of robbery every visit I made to Mexico.  The police  in Mexico are actually trained by others on the art of setting up their victims to extort money from them.  Never buy a one way bus ticket because you may not have enough money to buy a return trip after the police rob you.   American kids go down there to drink alcohol, shop & party  with Calif being a 21 state to drink.  The police will shop you & manage to get a $20.00 bill from your pocket right on the spot & you have no idea what you did wrong.  My advice is to stay out of Mexico, anywhere.  What a shame it is of this border country. Canada is a 1000 times safer!
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