20 beautiful rainbow pictures

Rainbows are perhaps Mother Nature’s greatest way of showing off. Take a look at these astounding images of her finest, most colorful work.

Text by Chelsea Lin | Photo editing by Connie Ricca        

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 of 21
Nov 19, 2013 11:21PM
How can anyone believe their is no God?
Nov 2, 2013 3:57PM

Beautiful shots. Especially the double rainbow shots in Jasper Park and London Bridge.  We were in New Zealand and stopped at a beach with a great view. Took a picture of my partner. Didn't realize til after the shot there was a rainbow over his shoulder.

Oct 7, 2013 6:20PM
Amazing! While they are spectacular, they are a reminder of God's Promise to us.
Sep 23, 2013 11:24AM

Hey foofie - did you catch that on camera??  it was the 70's :}

Sep 14, 2013 5:50PM
God is a phenomenal artist ! Any doubts ?
Sep 1, 2013 3:23PM
The rainbow pictures are lovely but none are as beautiful as the one I saw in late May 1970 in Spokane, (pronounced Spo can) Washington. The colors were extremely bright and each color was crisply outlined. No blurring of one color into another. It was a perfect arc with both ends firmly planted into the earth. (Or so it seemed). I have carried that perfect rainbow in my mind for forty-three years and so far have not seen a rainbow that can re-place it. I wish everyone could have such a perfect picture in their minds that they can visit in times of stress, it does make you feel better. 
Aug 8, 2013 7:23PM
I am looking at these beautiful pictures at work, after 11 hours, these were just what I needed, they are so calming, thank you so much for showing them, they made my day.
Jul 9, 2013 8:42PM
thank you, THANK YOU, and T-H-A-N-K-   Y-O-U-
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