Beach at Mokuleia, Hawaii

Beach at Mokuleia, Hawaii (©

Even an itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny, yellow polka dot bikini would be better than what some folks are wearing -- a whole lot of nothing -- into the waters at Mokuleia Beach.

The secluded beach on Oahu's North Shore is advertised as one of the last undeveloped stretches of the island's shoreline -- a picturesque vision where sandy beaches meet sapphire waters and seashells wash up just begging to be collected. As reported by KITV Honolulu, Mokuleia has a reputation for being a secluded spot where locals can enjoy their community; it also has a growing reputation as a gay-friendly nude beach where sunbathers are free to strip down.

Video: Nudity on North Shore beach causes controversy

Residents aren't pleased. "We like for our family to just relax, have fun," said local William Kahapea. "To see someone just turning over, bare-naked, is kind of disturbing."

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Sunbathers at Mokuleia, Hawaii

Sunbathers at Mokuleia, Hawaii (©

Signs along the highway near Mokuleia stress that illegal activity -- including nudity -- could lead to an arrest and fine. But people in the community say that isn't helping, as the nude crowd gets more visible, more brazen, and more inappropriate. Recently, one man was arrested for open lewdness.

"It's kind of taking the beach away from the community," said Mike Dailey, a Mokuleia resident. "We hope something can be done to return this beach back to the community."

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