Great evening strolls across the continent

In Italy, a land famous for traditions, La Passeggiata, the evening stroll, remains the best custom. Sewing the community together while taking advantage of cooler evening temperatures, a walk among family, friends and strangers solidifies relationships and celebrates the virtues of urban living. There’s no better way to experience a new city or native town than to step onto the sidewalk or path of discovery. Here are several North American cities where the spirit of La Passeggiata flourishes with Italian flair.

Text by Crai S. Bower | Photo editing by Mike Hipple

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What’s your social approach when visiting a new city?

What’s your social approach when visiting a new city?

    25 %
    Talk to everyone I can and get recommendations for where the locals like to go.
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    16 %
    Guidebooks can tell me everything I need to know about a new place.
    3,245 votes
    59 %
    Just wing it — I’ll ask questions or look something up as needed.
    11,949 votes

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