More rain is expected from Texas to Ohio early this week, but do these areas need it?

Rain developed early on Saturday in what has become a hot zone for rain so far in 2013: East Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi.

This region is the same area that just got an abundance of rain during the storm that moved across the eastern portion of the country Jan. 9th through 11th.

During this storm, Beaumont, Texas, got more than 4 inches of rain between Jan. 9th and 10th. Monroe, La., got more than 3 inches in that same time period.

Other major cities had more than an inch of rain during the storm, including Indianapolis, Ind., and Nashville, Tenn.

Adding on rain to these already high totals could lead to flash flooding problems early this week.

If you live in these areas, be prepared by staying up-to-date on your county's watches and warnings, and have an evacuation plan in place in case you need to leave your home or business.

It's also helpful to have supplies ready: flashlights, a battery operated radio, a first aid kit and an emergency stash of food and water.

But many other places across the country would welcome the long, steady rain expected in the lower Mississippi River Basin.

The summer of 2012 left the center of the country in a drier-than-normal state, even up until now.


Since August, the main storm track has had storms avoiding the northern Plains, an area that could use some precipitation to alleviate severe drouth conditions.

Instead, the rain showers expected through Monday, Jan. 14th will once again set up east of the main drought area.

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